Costs and Benefits of Mitigation


WHEN A MITIGATION APPLICANT is seeking an off-site mitigation solution for an unavoidable and permitted wetland impact explores the costs and obligations for permittee-sponsored mitigation, the applicant discovers that the time, expense, and liability are daunting.

Using a mitigation bank provides a turnkey solution that is typically much less costly than other options, and the liability issues disappear.

The cost for mitigation credits ranges from $125,000 to $190,000, depending on the bank and credit amount required. Since a credit can be compared to an off-site mitigation project requiring the costs and work described above, credit pricing is always an attractive option to those with any experience with off-site mitigation. In addition, the cost of mitigation paid by users includes the long-term monitoring and maintenance services that are required of off-site mitigation.

The cost of the mitigation credits is typically much less than the alternative of constructing, maintaining, and monitoring off-site mitigation. And as observed by most potential customers, the freedom from the ongoing liability and worry about constructed mitigation is nearly worth the cost in itself.

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