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We Provide Ecologically and Economically Preferred Mitigation Solutions

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Waterman Mitigation Partners is dedicated to the objective of providing restoration and enhancement of wetlands and habitat to support the goal of “No Net Loss”.

Unavoidable, permitted impacts to wetlands can, and should, be replaced by re-establishing habitat and functions that will perform in perpetuity.

MITIGATION BANKING: Wetland Mitigation Banking provides large-scale restoration, enhancement and preservation opportunities with the greatest likelihood of success. Unavoidable, permitted impacts requiring off-site mitigation solutions are directed by the Federal Mitigation Rule to use mitigation bank credits if an established bank is accessible.

The reason behind this policy is sound: mitigation banks provide the greatest functional lift and likelihood of in-perpetuity success while adhering to the strict regulatory standards and protections. Waterman Mitigation Partners is an industry leader in the development of all aspects of mitigation banking, including site selection, feasibility assessment, mitigation planning, bank establishment and permitting, construction, marketing and banking instrument creation and coordination.

SITE SPECIFIC AND ADVANCED COMPENSATORY MITIGATION: When a mitigation solution requires site-specific options, or consolidated mitigation for future impacts, WMP can create and develop an ecologically and economically preferred solution.

We have provided our partners and clients with an array of mitigation solutions that fit their needs, with the greatest environmental benefit at a cost that competes with other typical off-site options.

CONSULTING SERVICES: WMP offers consulting on wetland mitigation, mitigation bank development and credit sales, project management, environmental impact and restoration.

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