Mitigation Experts

IMG_9107Waterman Mitigation Partners and its associates are wetland mitigation professionals from the fields of environmental science, wetland biology, land surveying, ecology, environmental restoration and preservation, construction and landscaping services.

WMP also regularly contracts with archaeologists, additional biologists, video production and hazardous waste specialists.


Our team on site in Alaska.

Waterman Mitigation Partners has developed a high level of trust and success with Washington State/SE Alaska permitting agencies and IRT members, including US Army Corps of Engineers (Juneau, Kenai, Sitka, Anchorage, Vancouver and Seattle district offices), USFWS, EPA, NMFS, WA and AK Fish and Game, US Forest Service, and municipalities/entities as relevant to local projects. Our clients have included mining companies, corporations, port districts, not for profit associations and municipalities.


STEVE SEGO: Steve has developed and constructed mitigation banks and consolidated mitigation projects for more than ten years. His projects include the permitting of three mitigation banks in Washington, as well as two consolidated mitigation projects in Washington and Alaska.

With the support of Ecological Land Services, Steve permitted and constructed the first Consolidated Mitigation Project in Washington, the Remy Mitigation Project in Battle Ground, Washington.  He is the founder of Waterman Mitigation Partners (WMP) and Nevada Creek Mitigation Partners (NCMP), and currently resides in both Washington and Juneau, Alaska. Steve has decades of experience in land use and public policy, community development and political campaigns.

COREEN HAYDOCK: Coreen has worked with WMP for more than two years, and has been actively engaged on Alaska and Washington projects.  She serves as the company’s business and contracts manager, as well as field/site coordinator. Coreen has over 35 years of administrative and community development experience.

MIKE STOICAN: Mike serves as the Project Manager for Alaska, and has successfully managed and coordinated the restoration/construction of the Nevada Creek Mitigation Project. Mike has 40 years of teaching, business and professional musician experience.

Additional Staff: WMP currently engages an array of technical contractors/employees, including marketers, video production professionals, machine operators, welders, landscapers and general laborers.



ECOLOGICAL LAND SERVICES: The Ecological Land Services, Inc. (ELS) “Alaska Team” is made IMG_0254up of veteran wetlands and habitat biologists from Washington and Oregon.  The ELS team has permitted successfully over 1,500 private and public projects in the Pacific Northwest since 1996.

For the past two years, led by Francis Naglich, Principal Wetland Biologist and Tim Haderly, Ecologist, ELS has been working on two large capital wetland mitigation projects in SE Alaska in coordination with Waterman Mitigation Partners and Nevada Creek Mitigation Partners.

The Nevada Creek mitigation site (450 acres) on Douglas Island near Juneau is an applicant-sponsored mitigation site for mining impacts.  The Trillium site (1,200 acres) on Prince of Wales Island will be the first wetland mitigation bank offering true “lift” of wetland functions by restoring fens, bogs and forested wetlands.

The team is rounded out by biologists Michele McGraw, Selene O’Dell, Andrea Aberle, Steffanie Taylor and Rachel Allison, with a combined experience exceeding 35 years of wetland and habitat biology and permitting.  The ELS team performs all range of wetland-associated tasks including: inventory, delineation, mapping, functional assessment with WESPAK-SE protocol, mitigation feasibility, mitigation design, maintenance, monitoring and all facets of mitigation banking, consolidated mitigation and advanced mitigation.

ELS “firsts” include: 1) First Corps of Engineers Regional Permit in Washington (RGP 9) for industrial development in wetlands at the Port of Chehalis; 2) First preservation mitigation bank in Washington on the Long Beach Peninsula; 3) First consolidated wetland mitigation site in Washington at the Remy Farm in Battle Ground; and 4) First wetland mitigation site in SE Alaska for mining impacts, providing both preservation and functional lift opportunities.   ELS also recently began working on projects in Kitsap and Clallam counties. In 2009 ELS initiated a sister corporation Green Tree Landscaping Services (GTL). GTL specializes in environmental landscaping services for commercial, governmental, and municipality projects. Clients vary from local landowners, land developers, corporations, cities and counties, public ports, to state agencies. They specialize in site-specific solutions for projects of all sizes and complexities, from small, single-lots to large land tracks.

SEA LEVEL CONSULTING: Sea Level Consulting (SLC) provides services to Waterman Mitigation Partners and Nevada Creek Mitigation Partners for identification, evaluation, and treatment of cultural resources as needed for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

SLC specializes in Southeast Alaska archaeology and the unique laws and regulations relating to Alaska Tribes.  SLC Principal Anne Pollnow’s professional services include historic survey, determination of eligibility and affect reports, cultural resource plans, monitoring and recovery, consultation with local tribes, field survey, excavation, GPS mapping and data collection, and mitigation agreements.