Summer 2014 – on site work resumes

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The tide is low in Gastineau Channel and we stand near where Nevada Creek empties into the larger body of water.

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED to Southeast Alaska, that means the snow has (mostly) melted and on-site work can resume on Douglas Island, the site of the Nevada Creek Restoration Project. The Waterman Mitigation Partners team was very excited to get back into the field and continue work mitigating for wetland impact and restoring the 100 year old historic mine site.

The march form the beaches of Gastineau Channel through the wetlands, bogs and muskeg to the middle mine tunnel is soggy still but it is far less grueling due to the efforts of Cory and Steve who cleared the old miners trail of brush. This makes the effort to carry tools and gear (shovels, generators, bails of wire, water etc) far less taxing, and for that we are happy!

This summer will see some very exciting progress in the mitigation and restortion taking place on Douglas Island by Waterman and its partners.

Phase 1 Waste Pile Stabilization: COMPLETE  restoration is hard work

There is a substantial waste rock pile at the middle mine tunnel site – the result of the rock pulled from the mountain is a giant overgrown slope of mine waste. The waste rock, or tailings, is potentially dangerous due to high levels of metals and compounds that threaten to acidify Nevada Creek and threaten the ecology of the region. The waste pile hillside is ion the banks of the Nevada Creek and is sloughing into water. Phase 1 consisted of Stabilizing the base of the hillside and anchoring in logs to terrace the face of the waste rock pile. 

LOOKING AHEAD –> The next phases of the waste rock stabilization will be to further strengthen the hillside and add layers of top soil. Then native flora including trees will be planted/introduced to the newly terraced and top soiled hillside. In the coming years the hillside will self stabilize with the plants taking root and stopping the waste pile to further threaten the creek.



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