VIDEO: HECLA Greens Creek Mine Mitigation Project Overview

THIS VIDEO provides an overview of the entire scope of the wetland Mitigation Project for HECLA Greens Creek Mine known as the Nevada Creek Mitigation Project. In the video we visit the Greens Creek Mine on Admiralty Island and walk the wetlands that will be impacted and mitigated for in the proposed facility expansion. Steve and Dustin restoring the hillside

We join the Waterman Mitigation Partners team in the field as assess the mitigation project site near Nevada Creek and the historic Alaska Treasure Mine. Closed in 1914 the mine and its remnants and ruins are fascinating but also pose a unique challenge to the mitigation project – the decontamination and restoration of a historic mining site. We ventured into the mines to witness this history first hand as Waterman Founder Steve Sego leads us deep into the mountain to photograph the mine ruins.

Watch as gates are constructed at the mine tunnel entrances for safety and historic preservation and as terraces are created to stabilize a 100 year old mine waste pile that is sloughing into Nevada Creek.

Working hand in hand with State, Federal and Local agencies and HECLA Greens Creek Mine, Waterman Mitigation Partners is proud to be raising the bar for wetland mitigation in Southeast Alaska.