Join the Waterman team in the field in Southeast Alaska. This series of videos explores some of the features of the Nevada Creek Restoration Project and the work of Waterman Mitigation Partners.

Nevada Creek Mitigation Project Overview

Nevada Creek Mitigation Bank & Project Full Movie pt. 1

The Nevada Creek team stabilizes the middle adit waste rock erosion to prevent acidification of the creek.


Waterman founder Steve Sego explores the upper mine on the Nevada Creek site and explains some of the features of the 100 year old mine.


 Steve Sego walks 1000 feet into the Main mining tunnel, where men sought gold in 1914.


Dept. of Fish and Wildlife contamination specialist Deb Rudis explains how materials left in previous mining operations can impact the environment and why it is beneficial to restore the Nevada Creek site.

Nevada Creek was mined for gold a century ago. However gold is not the only treasure that can be found in the creek.