Waste Rock Stabilization phase 1

The muddy, rock strewn grey hillside you see in these photos is actually a gigantic mound of mine waste that was piled here over 100 years ago as the ‘Alaska Treasure Mine’ was being created. The rock contains harsh naturally occurring metals and toxins that should not be in proximity to the creek and if left unchecked could threaten the salmon and other species that call the creek home. Since the waste rock cannot be moved the plan of action for the restoration and mitigation of Nevada Creek is the stabilize the exposed waste rock hillside so it no longer slides into the creek.

The first task to accomplish this import aspect of the site mitigation is to create a strong base at the bottom of the waste rock using enormous lengths of evergreen tree piled and anchored into place.  Next smaller logs are positioned strategically to terrace the hillside so the muddy rocks do not continuously slide into the creek. Again anchoring driven deep in the hill and length of rebar are used to keep the lattice of logs in place.

This summer top soil will be added to the hillside and native plants species will be introduced to take root and create a self generating support structure for the waste rock, eliminating the threat of water acidification in Nevada Creek.

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